Apple TV is a great product, but there is a problem: Where do you put your Apple TV? The cords often aren't long enough to reach your entertainment center, and even if they were, routing wires through the wall to hide the wires is a major hassle and leaving wires exposed looks sloppy. TotalMount solves this problem by attaching the Apple TV to the back of your TV in minutes without tools.

TotalMount - Apple TV Universal Mounting Kit

Softpedia said:
"Mount your black Apple TV box so that it doesn’t risk getting stepped on or knocked over."

Automated Home said:
"Neat little mount."


Cassian said:
"SUCH A GOOD IDEA!! This should be sold in the Apple store. Once I'll get mine I'll bring it to my Apple store and show all the employees :) :) :)"

Stuart said:
"An amazing product that is a perfect companion to the Apple TV."

Manuel said:
"Got my TotalMount today and to be honest, I am really impressed. Looks very professional and mounts perfectly to my Samsung LCD. Thanks a lot for the great work."

Jason said:
"Sometimes the simplest ideas turn out to be the best."

FAQ – Does the Apple remote work with the Apple TV located behind the television?
Answer – Yes, the remote works normally.  The infrared emitted from the remote bounces off the wall behind the television and then hits the Apple TV’s sensor.  As a result, placing the Apple TV behind the television is actually a great way to collect the infrared emitted by the remote. It is a little like using a huge baseball glove to catch a baseball.
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